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Marine Scotland Information

Marine Scotland Information logoMarine Scotland have launched a new information portal called Marine Scotland Information. This new web portal provides access to important contextual information for the data and resources Marine Scotland makes available online. With a particular focus on mapping and our scientific data, this site combines information from the National Marine Plan interactive (NMPi) online web mapping resource, the Marine Scotland data portal and the larger geospatial data previously hosted on Marine Scotland interactive.

The data previously held on Marine Scotland interactive has now migrated to Marine Scotland Information and will be updated there.  The MSi pages will remain online for archive and redirection purposes.

The links below have been redirected to the relevant pages on the new website

Renewables Data

Location Data

Various sites within Scottish waters for the development of offshore renewable activity have been identified by the Scottish Government, the United Kingdom Government and The Crown Estate.

Maps and shapefile downloads can be found on the Crown Estate website. These layers are updated regularly.


Bathymetric Data

Bathymetric data has been made available for several sites around Scotland. Information about software requirements, data types and the collection process can be found in the Bathymetric data section.

Bathymetric data is available in various formats for the following areas:

Sub Bottom Profiling Images

Sub Bottom Profile images of the sea floor have been produced for several of the areas around Scotland identified for offshore renewable development. These images are provided as a Google Earth layer and as a direct download. Using some of this data, contour maps have been created for Armadale and West Orkney. These can be downloaded below.

This data is set to be expanded upon soon.


Video and Photographic Data


  • Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) biotope mapping of Pentland Firth - Part I
  • Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) biotope mapping of Pentland Firth - Part II
  • Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) biotope mapping of additional survey areas in Scottish waters - Part III
  • Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) survey of benthic epifaunal species and habitats around Scotland – Part IV


Several reports which assess the potential effects of marine renewable developments on the environment have recently been published. These provide useful information for stakeholders involved in renewable energy and can currently be downloaded from the SNH website.