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EMFF Project: Engaging the Fishing Industry in Marine Environmental Survey and Monitoring

The EMFF project, which runs until June 2020, aims to engage the fishing industry in marine survey and monitoring work with particular emphasis on the Scottish Marine Protected Areas (MPA) network. The project will improve our understanding of marine habitats over space and time while utilising the expertise of the Scottish fishing industry.

The project has the following objectives:

  1. Develop and test robust underwater video cameras for benthic habitat surveying and monitoring

  2. Undertake marine survey and monitoring work in partnership with fishers, with the principle aim of assessing the condition of selected habitats and species or, where appropriate, developing innovative and collaborative survey designs illustrating the efficacy of new fisheries management measures within MPAs

  3. Analyse survey data to inform reporting and assessment obligations in relation to the protection and restoration of marine biodiversity

  4. Increase stakeholder participation and engagement through training events and on-going dialogue and communication

  5. Ensure effective dissemination of the project's outputs through on-going outreach and knowledge exchange

These objectives will be delivered through five key work packages encompassing: marine surveys, monitoring equipment design and development, data standards and management, and outreach and knowledge exchange.

Project Partners

The proposal entails close collaboration between Marine Scotland Planning & Policy (MPP), Marine Scotland Science (MSS), Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) and the fishing industry who will each play their part in ensuring the successful delivery of the project. SNH and MSS will work closely with MPP to ensure prioritisation of monitoring and survey effort in accordance with the Scottish MPA Monitoring Strategy.

Please see the associated topic sheet for more information.

Vessel Registration

It is still possible for vessels with an interest in participating in the survey programme to register on the Public Contracts Scotland websiteYou must inform Bob McLeod (Bob.McLeod@gov.scot) once you have registered.

Please note: when registering, against your 'Organisation Details', please state the name of your vessel. This should start with the prefix 'FV' and then the vessel name thereafter. For those parties with any queries about this registration process or with no access to internet, please contact Bob McLeod on 0131 244 3567.