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Colouring in Pictures

Below are some colouring in pictures for younger readers...and not so young readers!

Why not colour in our research ship, the MRV Scotia? Or scribble on a salmon? Or meet our cheeky characters Bosun Chaeto, Captain Copepod and Pirate Squid? And for artists who want a bit more of a challenge, how about our crazy fishy patterned sheets? Just click on each image to get a full-sized colouring in sheet. 

In addition there are lots and lots of other free, downloadable images available online, plus a fun activity sheet.

Fishy colouring in image Jellyfish colouring in image Seaweed colouring in image Swirly fish colouring in image
Scotia - background Scotia - no background Colour in Salmon Colour in - Pirate Squid
Activity Sheet Colour in - Boatswain Chaeto Colour in - Captain Copepod


Colour in octopus