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Freshwater and Recreational Fisheries

Publication Description Date

Scottish Salmon and Sea Trout Fishery Statistics

Download the Scottish Salmon and Sea Trout fishery data for the most recently available year Ongoing
Publications from MSS work at Loch Shieldaig List of peer-reviewed publications resulting from MSS work carried out at Loch Shieldaig 2004-2014
Using Catch Data to Examine the Potential Impact of Aquaculture on Salmon and Sea Trout

An independent assessment of the catch data on wild populations of salmon and sea trout.


Covering Letter from Andrew Thin to the Minister for Environment and Climate Change

Final report and recommendations of the Wild Fisheries Review panel

Summary list of recommendations

Final report & supporting documents from the Wild Fisheries Review, lead by Andrew Thin. 08/10/2014

Impacts of open pen freshwater aquaculture production on wild fisheries

Homarus Ltd 24/10/2012
Executive Summary: Economic Impact of Recreational Sea Angling in Scotland Study in to the Economic Impact of Recreational Sea Angling in Scotland 29/07/2009

Eel Management Plan

Scotland River Basin District Eel Management Plan


River Crossings and Migratory Fish:
Design Guidance

Guidance to ensuring that river-crossing structures such as culverts can, do not  create a barrier to the movement of migratory fish April 2000