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Registration of a Stocked Fishery (FIS)

Your Legal Obligation

The Aquatic Animal Health (Scotland) Regulations 2009 require all ponds or other installations, where the population is maintained only for recreational fishing by re-stocking with aquaculture animals, to be registered by the Scottish Ministers. The registration procedure will be undertaken on behalf of the Scottish Ministers by the Fish Health Inspectorate (FHI).

In order to register a stocked fishery you must complete the 'Application to Register a Stocked Fishery (FIS)' form using the guidance provided.

Any fishery (game or coarse) which carries out movements of aquaculture animals off site to other fisheries or other holding facilities, will instead be required to be authorised as an Aquaculture Production Business (APB).

River fisheries are only required to be registered where an installation (e.g. fence or other barrier) has been placed in order to contain the stocked fish.

Upon receipt of a fully-completed application form for the registration of a stocked fishery, a written notice will be issued by the FHI confirming the registration and unique registration number.

Relevant Documents

Changes to an Existing FIS

Where changes are made to a stocked fishery, you should use the 'Application to Amend an Authorisation or Notify of a change to Registration' form to notify the FHI at Marine Scotland within 30 days of the change taking place. Changes that require notification include;

  • change of owner/operator
  • changes to the species contained within the fishery
  • changes in the number of ponds or other holding facilities
  • change of the status of fishery (e.g. de-registered)
  • the Fish Health Inspectorate will issue a notice confirming the change to the registration details

Whilst currently there is no legislative requirement for fisheries to maintain movement records, mortality records or biosecurity measures plans, this is considered best practice. Guidance on fishery bio-security may be found in the Disinfection Guide version IV and details on developing a biosecurity measures plan for a fish farm is available. This document contains good practical guidance that you may adopt and implement at your fishery. In addition an example of a movement records sheet that could be used is also available.

For further information please contact the Duty Inspector at the FHI.

Relevant Documents