Strategic Framework for Scottish Aquaculture

Cover of Strategic Framework for Aqauculture cover' A Fresh Start - The renewed Strategic Framework for Scottish Aquaculture' was launched at a Scottish Parliamentary debate on 21 May 2009.

The renewed framework is based on six themes:

  • healthier fish and shellfish
  • improved systems for licensing aquaculture developments
  • improved containment
  • better marketing and improved image
  • improved access to finance
  • Shellfish Forum

The framework sets out plans for a re-focused Ministerial Group on Aquaculture (MGA) to oversee the work of six working groups working on critical themes for the industry.

The Chairs of the working groups updated MGA on progress on 22 June 2010.

An Expert group on sites was established in 2008 to make recommendations to MWGA which will inform the licensing theme of the renewed strategic framework.

A draft Fresh Start for Scottish Aquaculture was also subject to a full 12-week public consultation which closed on 05 November 2008. The 'Fresh Start' document was also subject to a Scottish Parliamentary debate on 20 November 2008.

Non-confidential responses were published on the SG website on 23 December 2008.

An analysis of responses was published in May 2009.

'A Fresh Start' replaces A Strategic Framework for Scottish Aquaculture, which was published in March 2003 and provided a set of parameters within which the industry could develop sustainably, balancing socio-economic benefits against environmental effects.

Further information on the previous Strategic Framework is also available.