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Peat Dam

Moor grips will be blocked with peat dams to slow the flow of water through moor grips and prevent erosion. The average distance between dams will be 25 metres and no more than 50 metres. The distance between dams should be such that there is one dam per 20-centimetre drop in ground level.

Each individual peat dam must be installed to the full depth and width of the grip. The dam must extend 10 cm above the top of the grip and along the grip by at least two times the maximum width of the grip at that point. Where the dam is to be built, the face and base of the grip should be cleared back to unoxidised peat - to create a key for the dam. Turf removed must be retained and replaced on top of the dam. Any machinery used should be low ground pressure and not result in damage to surrounding habitats.

If, during year 4, more than 10% of the dams are not holding water, you must repair or replace them (adjacent to existing dam).