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Manual eradication of rhododendron - Light

Bushes < 1.5 metres and flat site < 15 degrees.

Support for rhododendron control will be dependent on the applicant producing a rhododendron management plan for the property ( and ideally collaborating with adjacent neighbours) which will demonstrate a long term strategy to eradicate and control invasive rhododendron

The manual cutting and burning of rhododendron is very expensive and should only be considered for sensitive sites and/or for difficult areas where mechanised or chemical clearance methods is not possible on a site.

All rhododendron to be removed should be cut as low as possible to the ground to minimise opportunity for re-growth.

When lighting fires, ensure that site disturbance is kept to a minimum.

At completion there must be no rhododendron present on site.

Manual Lever and Mulch

This method of control uses manual techniques of physical levering of the stems and cutting with lightweight hand saws to break up rhododendron plants. It involves uprooting all plants with their roots intact. This material is subsequently laid over the site, acting as a mulch to prevent possible re-growth or seedling establishment.

This method can be considered on all sites where mechanised methods are not possible.

At completion there must be no live rhododendron present on site.