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Deer Fence

This item is available where a deer fence is required in order to achieve the objectives of a woodland or non-woodland measure. The appropriateness of any new deer fencing should be considered in the context of the Joint Agency Fencing Guidance.

The deer fence specification is for protection of a managed area from all types of deer and a combination of these with cattle and/or sheep.

The minimum fence height for protection against roe deer is 1.5 metres. The minimum fence height for protection against red, sika or fallow deer is 1.8 metres.

You must use woven high tensile, mild steel or welded rectangular mesh. The netting can vary from half to full length.

Your choice of mesh size should be governed by the following:

Max width between verticals on mesh

Max heights between horizontals on mesh

Red or Sika

30 cm

13 cm


22 cm

13 cm


15 cm

17 cm

All fencing woodwork must be treated. When deciding upon the position of the fence-line, you must take into account people's right of responsible access.

When erecting a deer fence, you must install gates where these are necessary to allow any appropriate management activities or husbandry operations. Gates for non-vehicular access must be installed or gaps provided or, as a last resort, stiles installed, in sufficient numbers and at suitable locations to allow people to exercise their right of responsible access.

Any water-gates must be designed to keep watercourses stockproof, whatever the level of the water.

You can find further details on the specifications, including diagrams, in the Forestry Commission Research Technical Guide: Forest Fencing (2006) at: http://www.forestry.gov.uk/PDF/fctg002.pdf/$FILE/fctg002.pdf

This capital payment does not cover the cost of any gates (except water gates) or stiles. These capital items are covered separately.

Where you propose to renew or restore a fence that forms the boundary between your land and that of your neighbour, the payment will be in proportion to your level of responsibility; that is, if you and your neighbour are equally responsible for maintaining a fence, you will be entitled to payment on half the length of fence. You may still claim full payment for any associated items such as gates, marking to reduce bird collision or rabbit netting.

If you have shared responsibility for the fence, a Shared Boundary Agreement form must be completed and submitted with your application. Please note that you will be responsible for ensuring that the capital works are completed to the required specification and are fit for purpose