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Statement of Intent

What is the SoI?

The SoI is the first of two stages in the Rural Development Contract - Rural Priorities (RDC-RP) application process. The SOI is a simple process based on the 5Ws: who, what, why, when, where.

The SoI is a good opportunity to have your idea assessed by your Case Officer. It allows you to register your interest in RDC- RP funding and gives us an outline of your ideas. This is done by selecting which region you are in as well as which regional priority (or priorities), Packages and Options you wish to deliver.

Once we receive these, we will make an assessment and provide you with feedback on the suitability of your ideas and the availability of funding. This will allow you to decide whether to progress with a full Proposal.

Option to bypass SoI

You have the option to bypass the SoI assessment stage.

If you choose to bypass the SoI assessment you will receive no initial feedback from a Case Officer. You should only use this option if you are confident that your proposal is suitable for funding. Your decision to bypass SoI and feedback is at your own risk.

Guidance on how to complete the online Statement of Intent application form is available below the menu on the left.