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Once your contract is approved and you are carrying out the undertakings set out in it, you will need to make claims in order to be paid for the work you are carrying out. This section of guidance sets out how to make those claims, when to make them, and what can happen if you don't make them.

You should read this guidance carefully before submitting a claim, and contact your local area office if you have any questions.

There are four different types of claims under the Rural Priorities scheme:

1.Claims for Outcome Plans

2.Claims for Annual Recurrent Payments

3.Claims for Standard Cost Capital Payments

4.Claims for Actual Cost Capital Payments


Time sheets for machinery and labour, actual cost payment rates for the use of claimant's own tractors and vehicles and labour on approved eligible works, and Electrical inspection and testing certificate can be found here.


Please note, the position regarding variations has changed: (last updated February 8, 2014).

Previously, we accommodated variations for those struggling to spend their awarded funds within the expected year. We have reached the end of the programme period for Scotland Rural Development Plan (SRDP) 2007-2013, this flexibility to allow rollovers no longer exists. For this reason we will no longer accept requests to transfer spend from 2013 onwards to future years.

In recognition that this may cause some difficulties to those beneficiaries who have nearly completed their project, we are extending the deadline for 2013 claims of non-forestry capital based expenditure to the end of June 2014. This will give claimants additional opportunity to get final work and claim submission completed. There may be some projects where no work has commenced and in these cases, it is likely that these contracts will be withdrawn.