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Management of tree stands for seed production


Option 5 - Management of tree stands for seed production

What this is about

The quality of timber produced is a key element in the competitiveness and economic viability of the forest industry. The use of genetically appropriate nursery stock is an important way of enhancing timber quality.

This grant will support seed stand registration and seed stand improvement, which will help to stimulate supply of both genetically selected and locally native seed origins.

What this will achieve

The use of genetically appropriate planting stock will:

  • improve the yield of good quality timber;
  • encourage the use of locally sourced seed and conserve local genetic resources;
  • improve ability to adapt to climate change in Scotland's woodlands;
  • provide economic opportunities, especially in remote rural areas around the production of local tree stocks.

What you must do

Register local seed stands and carry out appropriate improvements to seed stands.

You must prepare a plan for the improvement of registered seed stands to show how the proposed work will promote seed production and facilitate seed collection.

The proposed costs must reflect the specifications required to meet the appropriate management objectives (eg: the different specifications for removing dangerous large trees and for removing small single trees should be reflected in the rates, and overall proposed costs, for the 2 activities)

worker on cherry picker in woodlandWho can apply

All land managers of forested land.

How to apply

Complete Section 4 of the LMO application form using one of the following codes. The code required for Registration is LMOSSR and for Management enter LMOSSM. The amount applied for should be an estimate of 50% of the cost but the claim will be limited to the amount on the application.

The Management aspect of this option must also be declared on your SAF Data Sheet under columns M and N using the code LMOSSM.

Eligibility Criteria

Stands proposed for registration must be of quality timber and/or native woodland, comprising locally native species.

Stands must be 1 hectare or greater.

Seed stand improvement work must only be undertaken in registered seed stands.

Any tree removal must conform with Forestry Commission's tree felling requirements as per the Forestry Act 1967.

What costs could be supported

Support will be provided for:

  • preparatory work and documentation gathering towards the registration of seed stands for quality timber production and/or locally native sources for native woodland planting.
  • removal of trees of poor form, where suitable.
  • tree crown release for seed production.
  • brashing and clearance of access routes for seed collection.

Rate of support

The payment rate for all the above options will be at 50% of the actual costs, based on receipted invoices and registration documentation. Seed stand improvement costs is limited to a maximum of £300/ha.

Each hectare can only be claimed once every 3 years.


We will inspect registration documents and visit seed stands to ensure that the work in the seed stand improvement plan has been carried out effectively. The customer must be able to produce documentation to prove that the stands have been registered with the Forestry Commission under the Forest Reproductive Material (Great Britain) Regulations 2002.


We will send you a claim form which you must submit along with the supporting documentation by 31 August in the year following application. The evidence you provide must include detailed invoices.

List of links to relevant technical guidance

Forest Reproductive Material: Regulations controlling seed, cuttings and planting stock for forestry in Great Britain.


Seed Sources for Planting Native Trees and Shrubs in Scotland, FCS Guidance Note 2006.

Forestry Commission Tree Felling - Getting Permission http://www.forestry.gov.uk/forestry/infd-5zgksj