Scottish Rural Development Programme (SRDP) 2014 - 2020

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Scottish Rural Development Programme 2014 - 2020

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Rural Payments and Services

Rural Payments and Services

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The Scottish Rural Development Programme 2014 - 2020 has now been formally re-submitted to the European Commission.

Agri-Environment Climate Scheme and Forestry Grant Scheme now open.

The Forestry Grant Scheme (FGS) and the Agri-Environment Climate Scheme (AECS) are now open for funding applications from farmers, crofters and land managers across Scotland.

Applications can be submitted online using Rural Payments and Services - read the full press release.



What is the Scottish Rural Development Programme (SRDP) 2014 - 2020?


The Scottish Rural Development Programme (SRDP) 2014 - 2020 delivers Pillar 2 of the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). It funds economic, environmental and social measures for the benefit of rural Scotland. The SRDP is co-funded by the European Commission and the Scottish Government and reflects the 6 EU Rural Development Priorities. The programme also reflects the Scottish Government National Performance Framework (NPF).


More information on Pillar 1 of the CAP - Direct payments including Greening is available.


Pillars ?

The Common Agricultural Policy comprises two ʽpillars.ʼ The first pillar is support to farmersʼ incomes. This support is provided in the form of direct payments and market measures and is entirely financed from the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund. The second pillar is the support provided for the development of rural areas. This support takes the form of Rural Development programmes and is co-financed from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.


The original proposals for the proposed SRDP 2014 - 2020 was submitted to the European Commission on Thursday 19th June 2014. After extensive negotiations a revised programme document was officially re-submitted on Monday 30 March 2015. A separate glossary of terms that are used throughout the document.



What is available under the SRDP 2014- 2020?


A list of the proposed schemes is available.


Details of the Agri-Environment- Climate payment rates for the SRDP 2014 - 2020 are now available.


Rates are being discussed with European Commission so are in draft at present. We are aiming to achieve approval of these, and broader RDP plans, as soon as possible.


Please note that Forestry payment rates will be published once finalised.


What is the Key Purpose and Priorities for SRDP 2014 - 2020?


The key purpose of the SRDP 2014 - 2020 is to help achieve sustainable economic growth in Scotland’s rural areas and the priorities remains broadly the same as the previous programme:  The main priorities are:


  • Enhancing the rural economy
  • Supporting agricultural businesses
  • Protecting and improving the natural environment
  • Addressing the impact of climate change
  • Supporting rural communities


A Partnership Agreement outlines how the SRDP 2014 - 2020 will have a joined-up approach with other European funds in Scotland for economic growth and fisheries.


Other information.


Fraud warning - Farmers across Scotland are advised to be alert to ongoing banking scams in which fraudsters are targeting the farming community.


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