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Rural Services

Key Areas of Importance for Rural Communities

The Scottish Government focuses on four key areas of importance to rural communities (definition of rural communities):

  • a strong and diverse rural economy, harnessing traditional strengths and with an appetite for change
  • thriving rural communities where everyone can enjoy a decent quality of life, where the young are not forced to leave their communities to get on and where the vulnerable are no longer excluded
  • strong, community focused public services that are accessible, of the highest possible quality and with the greatest possible choice
  • a rural Scotland whose natural and cultural heritage flourishes in all its diversity

The work of the Scottish Government includes transport, culture, education, health and considers:

  • the impact of all policies on rural areas
  • how rural issues should be reflected in policy development and
  • how information on rural policy should be shared with external organisations

Support for Rural Communities

The Government supports rural communities in a number of different ways:

- supporting Scotland's first ever Rural Parliament

- supporting Scottish Islands Federation to enable them to become a more effective voice and agent of change for island communities

- through grass roots led local activity that supports rural development and social inclusion through Local Development Strategies under the Scotland Rural Development Programme (SRDP)- LEADER 2014- 2020. More information and contacts on LEADER at www.ruralnetwork.scot 

- to ensure an appropriate evidence base through an effective Rural Research Programme

- through Common Agricultural Policy funding - Rural Payments and Services