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Review of Crofting Legislation

Review of Crofting Legislation - "The Sump"

  • During the Parliamentary passage of the Crofting (Amendment) (Scotland) Act 2013, the Minister for Environment and Climate Change gave an undertaking that the Scottish Government would consult key stakeholders on issues raised on crofting legislation which were outwith the scope of that Bill – enabling decrofting applications from owner-occupier crofters.
  • Consideration of this was taken in liaison and consultation with key stakeholders who  suggested legislative and administrative amendments to crofting law.
  • All major stakeholder organisations are involved – Crofting Commission, Scottish Crofting Federation, Scottish Land and Estates, National Farmers Union Scotland, Law Society of Scotland’s Crofting Law Group, Highlands and Islands Enterprise, Scottish Land Court and Registers of Scotland.

Scottish Government Response to 'The Sump', letter to the Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment Commitee

Documents Received by the Group

Downloadable documents:

Title:Review of Crofting Legislation
Description:Review of Crofting Legislation
File:Crofting Law - The Commented Sump - a consultation paper [DOCX, 103.2 kb: 08 Jun 2015]
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File:Crofting Law - The Final Report on the Crofting Law Sump [DOCX, 103.2 kb: 08 Jun 2015]
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File:Scottish Government’s Crofting Legislation Stakeholder Consultation Group [DOC, 39.4 kb: 08 Jun 2015]
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