Single Farm Payment Scheme

The Single Farm Payment Scheme (SFPS) has now closed to new applicants. For information on the new direct payments and Scottish Rural Deveolpment Programme (which has replaced the SFP Scheme) available to rural businesses, visit



The Single Farm Payment Scheme (SFPS) was introduced on 1 January 2005. This is part of the package that reformed the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). The scheme replaced the following production based support schemes:

  • Arable Area Payments Scheme
  • Beef Special Premium Scheme
  • Dried Fodder
  • Extensification Payment Scheme
  • Seed Production Aid
  • Sheep Annual Premium Scheme (including the Less Favoured Area supplement)
  • Slaughter Premium Scheme (including the Veal Calf Slaughter Premium Scheme)
  • Suckler Cow Premium Scheme

Farmers and crofters who were paid under one or more of these schemes in 2000, 2001 and/or 2002, were automatically eligible to claim under the SFPS 2005.

Exchange rate for SFPS

The exchange rate for the 2014 Single Farm Payment Scheme will be £0.7773 to the euro. The rate, set by the European Central Bank, will apply to all direct aid scheme payments - such as Single Farm Payment and Scottish Beef Scheme.