Agricultural Subsidy Payment Information

CAP Payments to agricultural and rural businesses operating in Scotland

Commission Regulation (EC) No 259/2008 as amended by Commission Regulation (EU) No 410/2011. requires Member States to annually publish on a CAP Payments website, payments made to certain businesses that receive Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) support.  CAP payments include the Single Farm Payment Scheme (SFPS), the Scottish Beef Scheme (SBS) and all Rural Development schemes including Less Favoured Area Support Scheme (LFASS).  The Scottish Government has consistently supported the provision of information relating to payments under the CAP.

However, following a European Court of Justice ruling in 2010 the amended legislation limits which businesses can now be named on the CAP Payments website to only those deemed ‘Legal Persons’.  Those businesses which submitted a Single Application Form in 2012 were asked (at Section 2) to declare their business status. This information was then used to by the Scottish Government to determine if the business was classed as a ‘Legal Person’.  If it was, then payments made to that business are now published on the CAP Payments website.

Definitions of ‘Legal Persons’ include:

  • Registered companies (i.e. private companies limited by shares or by guarantee, private unlimited companies and public limited companies)
  • Other corporations (e.g. bodies incorporated by statute or Royal Charter)
  • Partnerships with separate legal personality (i.e. Limited Liability Partnerships and partnerships under Scots law)
  • Trusts/trustees
  • Groups/associations of legal persons (e.g. a joint venture) with separate legal personality.

The CAP Payments website is required under EC Regulations and is operated for the UK by Defra.  The website features payment and customer details provided to the EC by the Scottish Government when requesting EC CAP money to pay qualifying Scottish rural businesses. The information available on the searchable database (legal persons data only) and for download (legal and anonymised natural persons data) relates to CAP payments made to ‘Legal Persons’ between 16 October 2011 to 15 October 2012 and 16 October 2012 to 15 October 2013 under all CAP schemes we administer.

In 2013, we paid £663,695,661 to 21,861 agricultural, forestry, food processors (FPMC) and rural community (LEADER) businesses.  Within this amount, payments totalling £111,300,432 (16.77 % of the total value of all payments made in Scotland) were made to 2298 (9.51%) Legal Persons.

The total amount received by each Scottish beneficiary is allocated between two headings: direct aid (Single Farm Payment Scheme and Scottish Beef Scheme) and rural development (RD) measures. There are no payments made in Scotland under ‘market schemes’.

For further information about grant schemes that we administer, please go to the Grants, Subsidies and Services area of our website.