Agricultural Subsidy Payment Information

2014 CAP Payments to agricultural and rural businesses operating in Scotland

The Scottish Government remains committed to transparency in the use of public funds, including the publication of details on payments made to Scottish beneficiaries (businesses) under the CAP (Common Agricultural Policy).  This also ensures compliance with EU Regulation No. 1306/2013 and Commission Regulation No. 908/2014 which require EU Member States to publish details of recipients of CAP subsidy payments on a single Member State website.  On this UK website you will find details of amounts received by Scottish beneficiaries under the CAP during the EU financial year of 16 October 2013 to 15 October 2014.

However as required by the above Regulations, the trading names of beneficiaries who receive less than the equivalent of €1,250 (£1,045) in total subsidy during the 2014 EC year will not be displayed.  This category of business will only have details of the amounts paid shown; the name of the business will not. 

In 2014, 21,413 Scottish businesses received a CAP payment.  Of these 2826 (13.2%) are under the £1045 threshold for anonymity and so publication of their details is limited.

The total amount received by each beneficiary is shown under three headings: Direct Aid schemes (i.e. Single Farm Payment and the Beef Calf Scheme) and Rural Development (SRDP) schemes. There may also be a small number of payments made to a few businesses under Market (intervention) schemes. These 3 headings can be expanded to show how much was paid under each actual scheme (e.g. LFASS, RP, LMO).

Detailed guidance on how best to use the available Search options is on the UK website  If after viewing payments you have any query relating to a Scottish business and the Q&A section there doesn’t help, please send your query to