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How to Obtain a Horse Passport

HorseTo apply for a passport you must be the owner of the animal, or if different, the keeper who has primary responsibility for it.  You need a passport for each horse, pony or donkey you own.

Get an application form

You can get an application form for a horse passport from an authorised Passport Issuing Organisation’ (PIO). The passport will not be valid if it is issued by an unauthorised organisation. You will need to complete a passport application for each horse you own.  PIO's should provide an application form within 7 days of initial application.

Identify your horse

Ask a vet to microchip your horse, pony or donkey - you will also need a diagram of the animal (‘silhouette’) to be completed. The PIO will let you know if it is needed.

The passport is issued

You will receive your horse passport in the post, normally within 20 working days.  Once issued, the passport is valid for your horse’s lifetime.