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What is ScotMoves?

ScotMoves allows you to move cattle within your business without reporting the movements to the Cattle Tracing System (CTS).  The ScotMoves system replaced the CTS linked holding system.  The ScotMoves system does not require any additional information to be recorded other than those moves you are already recording in your holding register.  The only difference is where you are recording the information. 

The ScotMoves system is being operated by ScotEID on behalf of Scottish Government and is beneficial to both cattle keepers and government in terms of disease control and public health. 

To use the system you need to apply through ScotEID to use additional holdings.  The application is only valid for 364 days and must be renewed annually.  You can update or amend the registration at any point during this time.

The use of ScotMoves is not mandatory.  If you do not wish to use the ScotMoves system the alternatives are:

  • You can report all moves through CTS; or
  • You can, where possible, amalgamate all land you use on a permanent or long term basis that is within the 5 mile CPH rules.

Business rules on the new ScotMoves system can be found here.

A detailed Q&A guidance document is also available to answer any queries you may have about ScotMoves and can be found here.

A ScotMoves leaflet is also available to download here.