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Bovine Tuberculosis - Import and New Herd Testing

Cattle imported from Ireland to Scotland

Importers of cattle to Scotland from Northern Ireland have to arrange and pay for post-movement testing to be carried out 60-120 days after the animal’s arrival in Scotland unless the imported stock will be sent to slaughter within 120 days of import.

Cattle imported from the Republic of Ireland will be restricted at their first destination pending a clear 60 day post import test. Any reactor cattle identified at the 60 day test will have to be slaughtered at the owner's expense and no compensation will be paid.


Testing of new herds

New and re-formed herds which source only cattle that have been born and kept in Scotland or other Low Incidence Areas will require one clear routine herd test completed within 12 months of the first animal arriving on the holding before they can move to four yearly testing. Those herds that include cattle born or kept in a high incidence area will require one clear whole herd test.

Routine herd test - Breeding bulls, females which have calved, young bovines which will be used for breeding, whether they are home-bred or purchased (except calves under six weeks old)

Whole herd test - All bovines.