Scottish Government


The Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Employment and Sustainable Growth, John Swinney MSP , has responsibility for the land use planning system.

The Minister for Local Government and Planning is Derek Mackay MSP.

The SNP 2011 election manifesto includes a number of commitments relevant to planning.


The information below explains how planning fits into the wider Scottish Government context.

Scottish Government

Planning and Architecture Division:


The Planning and Architecture Divisions is split into 4 sections. Within each are a mix of civil servants and professionally qualified staff. Each Division is split into Branches which have specific responsibilities. The responsibilities, names and contact details are available in the Contacts section of the main Planning web page.

The key responsibilities of the Planning and Architecture Division as:

Planning and Architecture Divisions publishes a Service Improvement Plan annually in the Spring. This reports on it's performance for the previous year and the intended improvements for the following year.