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Coordinating Justice IT and Management Information


The Integration of Scottish Criminal Justice Information Systems (ISCJIS) programme brought benefits across the Scottish Criminal Justice arena by managing the development of information sharing and exchange across the various agencies within the system. This diagram illustrates the flow of data between ISCJIS partners. A glossary was produced to guide users through the acronyms used within ISCJIS. The programme ran until December 2010. The work of ISCJIS has now been incorporated into a new project, Co-ordinating IT and Management Information (CIMI).


The aim of CIMI is to develop and operate a strategic platform for information management and data exchange across the criminal justice system, so that the right people have access to the right information at the right time. The project will consider all information technology and management information across the criminal justice system (from offence to disposal and offender management) with the purpose of agreeing a common set of information technology priorities, objectives and actions.

Making Justice Work

CIMI is one of five projects included in the Making Justice Work (MJW) programme. This programme has been developed to pull together the range of current and potential reforms to the structure and processes of the courts, access to justice and alternatives to court, and the administration of tribunals. MJW is working with justice operational delivery partners to integrate the planning of longer term reforms with shorter term work to improve efficiency.

The vision statement of the MJW programme is that:

"The Scottish justice system will be fair and accessible, cost-effective and efficient, and make proportionate use of resources. Disputes and prosecutions will be resolved quickly and secure just outcomes."