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Guidance For Local Authorities And Their Community Planning Partners on Street Prostitution

This guidance has been prepared as part of the Scottish Executive's response to the Expert Group on Prostitution's Report " Being Outside: Constructing a Response to Street Prostitution". Its purpose is to assist local authorities and their community planning partners in developing local strategies to deal with the problem of street prostitution.

Street prostitution causes significant harm to the individuals involved in it and their families, as well as impacting negatively on our communities. It is most evident in our four main cities, but there is likely to be some activity in many of our towns and cities. Furthermore the individuals who are involved in street prostitution - whether as purchasers or sellers - may come from across Scotland and beyond. Many may travel considerable distances from where they live in order to sell or purchase sex. All local authorities, therefore, have a part to play in a Scotland-wide strategy to reduce, and ultimately eradicate, street prostitution. They all have a role in preventing vulnerable women in their area from becoming involved in street prostitution. Equally all local authorities have a role in challenging the attitudes that lead men to use women in prostitution, thereby creating the demand for street prostitution.

This guidance can also be downloaded in PDF format.



Tackling Demand

Preventing Involvement in Prostitution

Reducing the Harm

Leaving Prostitution

Protecting Communities

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