Permitted Development

All development requires planning permission. However, certain forms of development may be carried out as 'permitted development'. Provided the development meets criteria set out in legislation, it does not require a specific grant of planning permission. Generally this is because the scale and nature of the development is considered to be less significant and will have little impact on the surrounding area.

The types of development that can be considered as 'permitted development', and the qualifying criteria, are set out in the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (Scotland) Order 1992, usually referred to as the GPDO. Planning authorities can usually advise if a development is 'permitted development' or if a planning application is required.

The Scottish Government is currently undertaking work reviewing the GDPO.

A consultation on permitted development rights for householders was held in 2010. The Scottish Government are currently consulting on non-domestic elements of the GPDO. This consultation closes on July 1, 2011.

The findings of the consultations will be taken forward later in 2011.

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