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Key Agencies

Key Agencies LogoFollowing the publication of Delivering Planning Reform, the Agencies set up a working group to implement the commitments and keep each other up to date on progress. This arrangement has worked very well and the group continue to meet every 8 weeks.

Current members of the group are:
Scottish Natural Heritage, Scottish Environmental Protection Agency, Scottish Water, Scottish Enterprise, Historic Scotland, Transport Scotland and Architecture + Design Scotland. These include public bodies with a specific duty to engage with the planning system and some other key public bodies that government expects to have a high level of input. Other bodies (including COSLA, Sports Scotland and Forestry Commission Scotland) attend as priorities allow or in response to specific agenda items. Further information about the work and priorities of the Group is covered in their Joint Statement (September 2010)

This page contains a range of information made available by the Key Agency Group.

Minutes of last meeting - Key Agencies Group - Meeting Summary (October 2013)

Action Plan - The action plan sets out a range of joint actions for 2013/2014 (to be taken forward by two or more of the key agencies) that will contribute to the operation of a more efficient planning system. The progress report sets out our achievements in 2012/2013.

Progress Report -Measuring Success and Delivering Culture Change (September 2011)

Annual Reports

Each agency prepares an annual report which reflects on the previous years work and sets out priorities for the coming year.

Agencies Engagement

Local Authorities - The Key Agencies jointly issued a letter to Heads of Planning indicating their willingness to engage in development planning and development management. In September 2011, the agency group shared good practice on local development plan action programmes . The group is also working closely with Homes for Scotland, Scottish Property Federation and Scottish Renewables to address issues raised by their members.

Pre-application engagement for National and Major Developments

This pre-application statement reinforces the key agencies commitment to effective and early engagement on national and major developments. It clarifies their areas of interest and roles in the process as well as outlining how the roles of others best serves effective early engagement.

Sector Engagement - This list outlines a list of meeting and events with various sector interests

Housebuilders - The Agencies have provided the following contributions to the Homes for Scotland newsletters:

Historic Scotland contribution (February 2011)

SNH contribution (December 2010)

Transport Scotland contribution (August 2010)

Scottish Water contribution (June 2010)

SEPA contribution (April 2010)

Special Newsletter (September 2009)

Data and Resources

The Key Agency Group has produced a short video, in association with COSLA, that outlines the role of the group in supporting planning.

Collaborative Working in Development Planning

Supporting the plan-led system - The Key Agencies Group has held a workshop to reflect on experiences of inputting into the first generation of development plan making following planning reform. The report (January 2013) captures the findings from the workshop and provides some observations on what is working well, where improvements might be made, and possible areas for future action

Planning and Climate Change (February 2012) - this documents provides links to a series of resources and guidance available from the Agencies to assist local authorities with the consideration of climate issues.

Planning Data and Guidance (September 2012) - this document provides links to various data documents which are available to the planning profession to assist with development planning and development management processes and decision making.

Scottish Water and the Scottish Government have prepared a guide to considering Water and Waste Water Services in The Development Plan Process. Scottish Water contacts by Development Plan are available.

Presentation to the Key Agency Group by the Trinity Group (December 2011)