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The Data Linkage Framework Programme Board

A reorganisation of the original Steering Group, which met five times between June 2011 and December 2012, led to it's replacement through the formation of the Data Management Board - providing strategic direction - and the Data Linkage Framework Programme Board - providing operational overview - for data linkage in Scotland.

The Data Linkage Framework Programme Board had its final meeting on 29 October 2014. The Board will now pass operational overview for data linkage in Scotland to the Scottish Informatics and Linkage Collaboration Strategic Management Board (SILC-SMB).


Membership of the Data Linkage Framework Programme Board

Andrew Morris (Chair), Chief Scientist for Health, Scottish Government

Tim Ellis, Registrar General and Keeper of the Records of Scotland

Roger Halliday, Chief Statistician, Scottish Government

John Frank, Director, Scottish Collaboration for Public Health Research and Policy

Chris Dibben, Chair in Geography, University of Edinburgh & Director of the Administrative Data Research Centre, Scotland

Jill Pell, Director, Institute of Health and Wellbeing, University of Glasgow

Maureen Falconer, Senior Policy Officer & Operations Manager, Information Commissioner’s Office (Scotland)

Phillip Couser, Director Public Health and Intelligence, National Services Scotland

Sara Grainger, Office of the Chief Statistician and Performance, Scottish Government

Pete Whitehouse, Health and Social Care, Scottish Government

Vanessa Cuthill, Head of Longitudinal Studies at the ESRC

Edmund Burke, Universities Scotland & Deputy Principal for Research, University of Stirling

Ronald Jamieson, Lay representative


Secretariat is provided by Mairead Wood, Office of the Chief Statistician and Performance, Scottish Government.


Representatives from the devolved administrations in Wales and Northern Ireland are invited to observe meetings.

Papers and notes of the meetings can be found here.


Data Linkage Framework Programme Board: Terms of Reference

The programme board is responsible for directing delivery of the Data Linkage Framework which, as set out in Joined Up Data For Better Decisions: A strategy for improving data access and analysis, aims to:

  1. build on existing successful programmes collaboratively to create a culture where legal, ethical, and secure data-linkage is accepted and expected;
  2. minimise the risks to privacy and enhance transparency, by driving up standards in data sharing and linkage procedures;
  3. encourage and facilitate full realisation of the benefits that can be achieved through data-linkage to maximise the value of administrative and survey data.

The Data Linkage Framework Programme Board will meet quarterly until both the Data Linkage Centre and the Privacy Advisory Committee are in place. It reports to the Data Management Board.

The Board is responsible for ensuring effective, joined-up delivery of the Data Linkage Framework in line with the Guiding Principles for Data Linkage. It will do this by:

  1. directing delivery of the Data Linkage Centre; the National Privacy Advisory Committee; the roll-out of the Guiding Principles.
  2. ensuring resources are allocated appropriately across the programme, monitoring spend and identifying opportunities for efficiencies
  3. co-ordinating the dependencies between the projects
  4. monitoring and mitigating risks to effective and sustainable delivery of the Data Linkage Centre and National Privacy Advisory Committee
  5. facilitating co-ordination with related programmes or initiatives, including UK wide responses to the Administrative Data Taskforce recommendations
  6. bringing together the Data Linkage Framework and the Scottish Informatics Programme (SHIP) as and where appropriate and beneficial in delivering the aims above.