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School Estates Core Facts


Information is collected on the extent, condition and sufficiency of the school estate. Information is used at both national and local level to inform targets, spending decisions, support monitoring and evaluation of progress over time and support assessments of value for money. The results are included in the December education statistics compendia. The current and previous publications can be found here.


2017 Survey

Data submissions for this collection are made online via ProcXed. Logins exist for our main ScotXed and School Estates contacts. A user guide for ProcXed and a link to the login page can be found here.

Your prepopulated template is sent directly to you. There are no changes to the collection from 2016. Last years specification has been updated with an additional validation rule to prevent the duplication of records within returns.

If you have any difficulties, feedback or questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch, in the first instance by emailing scotxed@gov.scot

Survey Timetable

Survey Timetable

ProcXed available

Friday 7 April 2017

Census date

Saturday 1 April 2017

Submission date

By Friday 12 May 2017

Survey Documentation

Survey Documentation 2017

The guidance and template remain unchanged since last year.  An additional validation check has been added to the specification and ProcXed module to prevent the inputting of duplicate records.

School Estates Core Facts - 2017 - Guidance

School Estates Core Facts - 2017 - Specification

School Estates Core Facts - 2017 - Blank Template