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Sport - Sport Participation

High Level Summary of Statistics Trend Last update: Friday, September 23, 2011

Sport Participation

Adult participation in sport has remained fairly constant over the past 10 years.

Data on sports participation in Scotland are collected in a survey carried out by sportscotland.

Key factors affecting participation include:

  • Participation declines markedly with age. As shown below, participation in sport drops from around 80% for adults aged 16-24 to about 45% for people over 55. These figures are for participation at least once in the four weeks prior to survey.

Participation rates in sports

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Source: sportscotland (TNS Scottish Omnibus Survey, including boosted 2003/04 sample) ·

Participation rates in sport are higher for males than females. In 2003-05, 68% of men and 59% of women participated in sport "at least once in the last four weeks".

Figures on physical activity in general are collected through health surveys. A summary is provided on the Health & Community Care pages of the Scottish Government High Level Summary Statistics website.

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