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Consultation on School Education statistics

During the summer of 2014, Learning Analysis consulted users during a twelve week period (30 June 2014 and 22 September 2014) about the statistics we produce. This focused specifically on two of our annual publications: Summary Statistics for Attainment, Leaver Destinations and Healthy Living and Summary Statistics for Schools in Scotland. The consultation consisted of a short online questionnaire and 5 focus groups spread across Glasgow, Edinburgh and Inverness. A link to the online questionnaire was sent to all ScotStat contacts , ScotXed local authority contacts, Directors of Education in local authorities, contacts in Skills Development Scotland, Scottish Qualifications Authority and Education Scotland, and other known interested persons. The consultation was also highlighted on the Scottish Government School Statistics webpage, which also held information on how to register for the focus groups.

There were 63 responses in total (36 respondents to the online questionnaire and 35 focus group attendees, with some responding to both). The focus groups were particularly helpful as they enabled us to receive more detailed feedback on the questions raised in the online survey. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this by completing the online survey or attending a focus group. A summary of the results from this consultation process can be accessed here.

As a result of this we plan to make the following changes to our publications and website over the course of the next year:

  1. Explore ways to make our publications and website more accessible through usage of data visualisation and infographics, whilst still maintaining the detailed datasets which are widely used.
  2. Look into making datasets available in open data formats.
  3. Include information on school leavers with qualifications in literacy and numeracy in the next Summary Statistics for Attainment, Leaver Destinations and Healthy Living publication in June 2015.
  4. Include further analyses in either the publication or supplementary datasets by Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD) and by Additional Support Needs.
  5. Explore ways to make our website easier to navigate and find relevant information.
  6. Publish a data set showing exclusions by reason for exclusion and local authority as local authorities currently receive a lot of FOI requests for this.
  7. Ensure that the information produced in our publications are consistent with and easily comparable to other sources wherever possible.

More information can be found in the summary document, which analyses the consultation responses as well as discussions from focus groups. This can be found at the following link: