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School Inclusion - Additional Support Needs

High Level Summary of Statistics Trend Last update: December 2016

Additional Support Needs

This high level summary page is no longer being updated. Please follow the below links to reach the most recent publications and datasets. The statistics for this topic can be found in the Summary Statistics for Schools in Scotland publication and the pupil census, supplementary data dataset.


In 2016, 170,329 pupils (24.9 per cent of all pupils) had additional support needs, of which 60 per cent were boys. 5.3 per cent of pupils had social, emotional or behavioural difficulties and 2.1 per cent had a learning disability. 162,252 (95 per cent of them) spend at least some of their time in mainstream classes.

Pupils with Additional Support Needs



2012 2013 2014 2015 2016

Total pupils with Additional Support Needs


118,034 131,621 140,542 153,190 170,329
With a Co-ordinated Support Plan (CSP) 3,617 3,448


3,128 2,716 2,385
With Individualised Education Programmes (IEP) 42,819 42,847 40,089 37,640 37,168 37,733
Assessed or Declared Disabled 14,682 15,368


15,156 15,899 16,265
With Child Plans 3,351 7,235 12,102 15,946 20,235 25,095
With any 'Other' type of support 58,256 77,892 94,090 103,568 115,527 131,042

In 2010, information on additional support needs was collected in a different way. Information on reasons for support and nature of support was collected separately for each type of additional support need. There was also inclusion of a new category, ‘other’ which include child plans (separate category for child plans introduced in 2011), short term or temporary support and any other support not covered under IEP and CSP. The inclusion of ‘other’ category contributed to a rise in additional support needs pupil numbers.