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Pupils - Pupil Numbers

High Level Summary of Statistics Trend Last update: December 2016

Pupil Numbers and Projections

This high level summary page is no longer being updated. Please follow the below links to reach the most recent publications and datasets. The statistics for this topic can be found in the Summary Statistics for Schools in Scotland publication and the pupil projections dataset.


In 2016 there were 684,415 pupils in publicly funded schools. The number has risen from 680,007 in 2015. (Source: Summary Statistics for Schools in Scotland 2016). 

The latest projections suggest that primary pupil numbers in publicly funded schools will increase to 401,000 in 2018 before decreasing to 397,000 in 2020. Secondary pupil numbers in publicly funded schools will remain stable at 280,000 in 2017 before increasing to 296,000 in 2020.

Local Authority level pupil projections are also available alongside a note on the methodology used to calculate the pupil projections. View all pupil projections data.

Pupil Numbers

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