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Behaviour in Schools

High Level Summary of Statistics Trend Last update: June 2014


The 2012 teachers' perceptions data indicated that overall, both primary and secondary staff were very positive about pupils' behaviour. They felt that most pupils were well behaved all or most of the time, and only a very small minority of pupils were quite disruptive. In particular, 93% of primary teachers and 88% of secondary teachers stated that pupils were generally well behaved in all or most of their lessons.

Low-level disruptive behaviours were much more common than serious disruptive behaviours or violence - and were felt to have more of a day-to-day impact on the learning environment. The most common type of low-level disruptive behaviour in the classroom was 'talking out of turn'. This was experienced at least twice a day by between two thirds (66%) and three quarters (78%) of staff in both primary and secondary schools. Only 3% of teachers had not encountered this behaviour in the last week.

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