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School Education - Contacts

Contact Details

If you have any enquiries relating to School Education Statistics then please contact us at:

Education Analytical Services Division
Area 2-D (South)
Victoria Quay


Learning analysis unit


School, Staff and Pupil Census team for information on:

Pupil characteristics – numbers,  class sizes, additional support needs, pupil demographics, attendance/absence, exclusions
Teachers – numbers, pupil teacher ratios, work patterns, teacher demographics, probationer teachers, workforce planning
Schools – school numbers, school estates, PE provision, school meals, school staff

Email: school.stats@gov.scot
Telephone: 0131 244 0416


Performance and Attainment Statistics team for information on:

Achievement of Curriculum for Excellence Level statistics, school leaver attainment, school leaver initial and follow-up destinations
Email: school.stats@gov.scot
Telephone: 0131 244 0315



Scottish Exchange of Educational Data (ScotXed)
Email: ScotXed@gov.scot
Telephone 0131 244 0632

Responsible for managing and carrying out the above statistical data collections on education and children's issues, and the Maintenance of School Establishment's database for Scottish schools including issuing of SEED codes for new schools. Standard Tables and Charts (STACS)

Contacts for research staff are listed in the education research web section

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