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Population and Migration

People in a shopping centreThis section gives information on how to access statistics relating to Population and Migration in Scotland. Information is obtained from National Records of Scotland (NRS), who provide statistical information on Scotland's population, households and vital event statistics such as births, deaths and marriages. Also results from Scotland's Census. This section provides a summary of the main statistics from National Records of Scotland.

You may browse directly our Publications lists for specific information, or use the High Level Trends to view a brief overview of some of our key statistics. The links will direct you to High Level Trend pages located on the NRS website.

The Statistical News Releases page includes those releases related to the Population and Migration topic.

If you can't find what you're looking for, use the search tools on the Search Statistics page or contact us directly for more information.

Statistics Topic

Featured High Level Trend

Natural change and net migration

In recent years Scotland has seen positive natural change (births minus deaths) and has experienced record levels of net in-migration, resulting in small increases in the population over each of the last seven years.


High Level Summary of Equality Statistics

Equality trends for Population and Migration can be accessed at Chapter 1 of the HLSES publication.

A full set of data extracts for each equality strand are available for:

Age | Disability | Ethnic Group
Gender | Religion Group

Population and Migration statistics in more detail

More detailed statistics on Population and Migration can be obtained from the National Records of Scotland.

Recent statistical publications on Population and Migration, including background information, and other selected sources.

Consultation - ScotStat
Consultation and planning arrangements for Population and Migration statistical collections.

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