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EU nationals living and working in Scotland Annual Population Survey - Published 15th March 2017

Public Sector Employment in Scotland Statistics for 4th Quarter 2016

Statistics from the Annual Population Survey, Jan-Dec 2016 - Published 16th March 2017


Regional Labour Market Statistics published by Office for National Statistics on the 12th April 2017 Link

Analysis of the Labour Market in Scotland

Long-term trends for employment, unemployment and inactivity for Scotland and the UK (Dec-Feb 2017) shown in charts  here.

Latest tables and charts, showing headline indicators for Scotland (Dec-Feb 2017)  LM Summary


Latest Labour Market Slide Pack for (Oct-Dec 2016) contains analysis for Scotland:

employment by industry,

claimant count 

inactivity analysis  LM Summary


Earnings Analysis

Analysis of the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ONS), 2016 dataset for Scotland was published on 31 Oct 2016 Link



Employment Patterns in Scotland: Statistics from the Annual Population Survey, 2015 (24 May 2016) - Link here

Analysis of Characteristics of 16-19 year olds Not in Employment, Education or Training from the 2011 Census (26 October 2015) - Link here

Scotland Performs

Scotland Performs measures and reports on progress of government in Scotland. It allows you to judge for yourself how Scotland is doing against a wide range of indicators set out in the National Performance Framework.



Purpose Targets

Purpose Targets are high level targets that show progress towards the Governments Purpose. 


To maintain our position on labour market participation as the top performing country in the UK.

To close the gap with the top five OECD economies by 2017.

National Indicators

Reduce underemployment.

Reduce the proportion of employees earning less than the Living Wage.

Reduce the pay gap.

About Labour Market Statistics

This section gives information on how to access statistics relating to the Labour Market.


The Scottish Government holds the Labour Force Survey, Annual Population Survey and Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings data set.


From these we produce various publications and briefing papers which relate specifically to the labour market in Scotland.


This cover the following topics: 


  • Headline estimates of  unemployment, employment, economic inactivity, 
  • Earnings,
  • Public sector employment
  • Youth Employment briefing papers can also be found on the briefing papers page and
  • Other labour market based statistics. 


Data are available at a variety of geographies


  • UK
  • Scotland
  • Local Authority areas and
  • Parliamentary Constituency areas.


You may browse our Publications or a list of available Data for specific information,


If you can't find what you're looking for, use the search tools on the Search Statistics page or contact us directly for more information.



Labour Market statistics in more detail

Publications and Data
Recent statistical publications on Labour Market, including background information, and other online briefing.


Methods and Background
Useful information relating to Labour Market statistics.


Analytical Papers
Research and statistical papers relating to Labour Market issues.


Consultation - ScotStat
Consultation and planning arrangements for Labour Market statistical collections.


Related Areas and Links
Associated areas on the Scottish Government website, and other key links for further information.


Our contact information.