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Developing a 'Participation' Measure 2013 Consultation Report


The Scottish Government is committed to helping all our young people to gain the skills and experiences they need to successfully enter the world of work. This is demonstrated through Opportunities for All (OfA), our explicit commitment to offer a place in learning or training to every 16-19 year old in Scotland who does not already have one.

We continually seek to improve the way we measure the impact of our policies. For Opportunities for All, we need to change how we currently measure impact in this area and develop a new approach to data collection. The measure we develop will inform the Scotland Performs national indicator – Increase the proportion of young people in learning training and work.


This report outlines the results of a stakeholder/partner consultation which took place during the period July 2013 – August 2013. This was emailed to potential users including those on the SCOTSTAT register and those on the central Scottish Government Employability and Skills distribution list. Consultation responses were collated using an online survey and e-mail feedback based on the consultation document itself.

Summary of Consultation

A report summarising the findings from the consultation is now available.


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