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Publications - Topical

Ad-hoc publications

The publications below are ad-hoc publications on Labour Market related topics.

Period Published Publication Additional Content
2016 Nov 2017

Migrants living and working in Scotland 2016 - Supplementary Annual Population Survey Tables

These tables present a range of labour market information for EU nationals and non-EU nationals living and working in Scotland sourced from the Annual Population Survey.  Information is included on the following topics; employment rate, industry and occupation of employment and level of skills.



2017 October 2017 Youth Unemployment in Scotland (excluding those in full-time education) - PDF (Published 09 October 2017) *New*


2015 March 2017

EU Nationals living and working in Scotland - PDF (Published 15 March 2017)


    Analysis of characteristics of 16-19 year olds Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET) from the  2011 Census