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Housing and Regeneration - Data Supplier Area

Local Authority Statistical Data Provider Information Area

New Build

NB1 (quarterly): Local Authority New Build

NB2 (quarterly): Private Sector New Build

These two returns are part of a system which records the start, progress and completion of new dwellings on a site-level basis. Sites will normally contain a group of dwellings when completed, but in some cases will consist of a single dwelling. Figures are used to examine changes in the housing stock over time.

From 2010 quarter 3 (July - September) we began using an Excel form to collect NB1 and NB2 data, with these forms being sent out and returned electronically. The majority of local authorities now use this method of data collection and we believe it is faster and more efficient than the paper-based method that was used previously. As with the paper form, the Excel form is pre-populated with all current sites within the local authority area. Local authorities are asked to update the current sites to show any progress during the quarter, and to add any new sites.

HSU reference numbers for new sites will be assigned by the Scottish Government when the form is processed. As far as possible we will send out forms for the next quarter in the order in which the forms for the current quarter were received.

A blank version of the form can be downloaded from the link below. Note that the form now includes additional data fields which are highlighted in yellow. These data fields are optional, however it would be very helpful if as many of these fields could be completed as possible as we are looking to broaden the scope of the housing data which is currently collected.

Notes on completing these returns can be downloaded here

If you cannot fill in the form electronically please give us a call to discuss any barriers preventing this. However a paper version will still be available on request.

Please ring +44(0)131 244 7234 or e-mail Housingstatistics@scotland.gsi.gov.uk with queries about the NB1 or NB2 forms.