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How can SCORE data be used?

SCORE logs record a wide range of data on both the household and property each time a letting is made. This means that SCORE data forms an invaluable source of information on a range of issues related to new lets in the Scottish social housing sector.

SCORE data can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Data on source of referral, ethnicity of household, statutory homelessness, reason for letting, and average relet time, is used to assist in formulating housing policy decisions.
  • SCORE data can be used in assessments of housing issues such as effectiveness of equal opportunities policies, levels of rent and housing benefit-eligible service charges, and efficient management of stock.
  • SCORE data has been used in research analyses looking at low demand, performance benchmarking, affordability and cross tenure rent comparisons.
  • Affordability - information from SCORE on household income and housing costs is used in the assessment of housing affordability.
  • Neighbourhood renewal - because SCORE is continuously updated it can be used to construct a sensitive indicator of conditions in neighbourhood renewal areas, and in high and low demand areas.
  • Low demand - SCORE data can provide early warnings of the types and locations of properties that are in low demand.


The examples below illustrate some ways in which participating organisations have used SCORE data:

  • Affordability data from SCORE is used by many participating organisations to inform their yearly rent review, and ensure they continue to provide affordable housing for their tenants.
  • Analysis of household characteristics of those accessing social housing.
  • Mapping local lettings data using GIS to track movements within their local area or across Scotland.