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Housing Statistics for Scotland - Rent Registration


Rent Registrations

The Rent Registration Tables linked to this webpage were last updated in May 2011, containing data up until Quarter 1 2011. The Scottish Government no longer plans to produce these tables for the following reasons:


The aggregated data contained in these tables on Housing Benefit Referrals is considered to be of limited use at the Scotland and Local Authority level, without further dis-aggregation to take account of different property types.


2. The Local Housing Allowance (LHA) was introduced in April 2008. Since this date, there has been a dramatic reduction in Housing Benefit referrals from Local Authorities. This means that the data in these tables since April 2008 only relate to a minority of Housing Benefit tenants renting from private sector landlords and are therefore considered to be of limited use.


3. Pre-Tenancy Determinations effectively ceased following the introduction of the Local Housing Allowance in 2008, with only a few exceptional cases taking place since.


4. There has been a gradual reduction in the number of Fair (Registered) Rent Cases, as they only relate to tenancies established prior to 2nd January 1989. Information contained in the tables on these cases only relate to a very small number of tenancies and are considered to be of limited use.


We are not aware of any recent users of the information contained in these tables. If you do use this information we would be interested to hear from you. Please contact:


Sharon Wood

Rental Valuation Team Leader

Rent Service Scotland

Tel: 0131 244 8110

e-mail: sharon.wood2@gov.scot



The rent registration tables up to Q1 2011 contain information on three types of case:


1. Housing benefit referrals. Local authorities are required to refer most claims for housing benefit from private sector tenants to Rent Officers. The Rent Officer's role is to calculate the amount of subsidy that the local authority can claim from the central government. The housing benefit tables contain information on:


  • the number of cases referred
  • the weekly referred rent (the amount the landlord wants to charge the tenant)
  • the local reference rent (the midpoint of the range of market rents for properties of the same size in the same locality)
  • the appropriate, or claim related rent (the amount of subsidy that the local authority can claim from central government)


2. Pre-tenancy determinations. These enable prospective tenants and their landlords to obtain an indication of the maximum rent likely to be used to calculate housing benefit entitlement, prior to their commencement of the tenancy. The tables contain information on the number of such cases.


3. Fair (registered) rent cases. Prior to 2 January 1989 most lettings by non-resident private landlords and housing association tenancies could have a 'fair' rent registered by the rent officer. In assessing a fair rent, rent officers must follow the rules laid down in the Rent (Scotland) Act 1984 that require consideration of all the circumstances of the tenancy (except personal ones), and the condition of the dwelling. They will take particular account of age, state of repair, character and locality of the dwelling, but will disregard any amount attributable to scarcity of similar accommodation in the area. These tables contain information on the numbers of such cases, and the referred and registered rent, by tenure.


Further information about Rent Service Scotland and the role of the Rent Officer, can be found on the Rent Service Scotland website.

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