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Scottish Care Experience Survey ProgrammeScottish Care Experience Survey Programme

Scottish Care Experience Survey Programme

About the Programme

The Scottish Care Experience Survey Programme is a suite of national surveys which aim to provide local and national information on the quality of health and care services from the perspective of those using them. The surveys allow local health and care providers to compare with other areas of Scotland and to track progress in improving the experiences of people using their services.


The survey programme supports the three quality ambitions of the 2020 Vision – Safe, Effective and Person-centred – by providing a basis for the measurement of quality as experienced by service users across Scotland. In particular, the surveys support the person-centred quality ambition which is focused on putting people at the centre of care; ensuring that care is responsive to individual personal preferences, needs and values; and assuming that individual values guide all care decisions.


The survey programme currently consists of four surveys:


In 2014 a one-off Radiotherapy Patient Experience Survey was also run which covered patient experiences of radiotherapy services.


If you have any queries about any of the Scottish Care Experience Surveys, please email patientexperience@gov.scot.

Individuals can also provide feedback on specific health and care experiences via Care Opinion. More information on Care Opinion in Scotland is available at https://www.careopinion.org.uk/info/patient-opinion-scotland.


Upcoming Surveys

Please see the table below for details on upcoming Scottish Care Experience Surveys. More details on the latest news for each survey is provided on the relevant survey's page which can be accessed using the hyperlinks provided.

Survey Name Survey Dates Results Published

Health & Care Experience Survey

November 2017 to January 2018

April 2018

Inpatient Experience Survey

January to April 2018*

August 2018*

Maternity Care Survey

May to July 2018*

December 2018*

Cancer Patient Experience Survey

To be announced

To be announced

* Provisional date pending relevant approvals for the survey