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Inpatient Experience Survey

Inpatient Experience Survey Banne



Latest News

Planning for the next Inpatient Experience Survey is now underway, aiming for the survey to go live in early 2018.

We have now received conditional approval from the Public Benefit & Privacy Panel for our application to use the data required to sample individuals for the survey. A copy of the conditional approval letter is available here.

The questionnaire for the survey has been reviewed to ensure the content remains useful and relevant - a final draft of the revised questionnaire is now available here.

Please email any comments on the questionnaire to patientexperience@gov.scot.


About the Survey

The Inpatient Experience Survey is a postal survey with the aim of establishing the experience of a sample of adults who had a recent overnight hospital stay. The survey covers six specific areas of inpatient experience: admission to hospital; the hospital and ward; care and treatment; hospital staff; arrangements for leaving hospital; and care and support services after leaving hospital. The survey aims to help us understand more about the quality of services, and what needs to be improved.


The survey was first run in 2010 and is currently run every two years. For further details on each survey, including copies of the questionnaire and all publications, please select the relevant link:


The survey and sampling approach for this survey has been developed by the Scottish Government in consultation with a range of stakeholders including NHS Boards and NHS Services Scotland.


If you have any queries about any of the Scottish Care Experience Surveys, please email patientexperience@gov.scot.