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GP Access Survey Results

GP Access Survey Results 2010/11 - Released March 29, 2011

Statistical Publication Notice

The Statistical publication notice is available here: GP Access Survey 2011

Summary GP and patient

This survey was sent to a random sample of patients registered with 161 GP practices in Scotland that opted into the survey. For other practices, the results from the 2009/10 survey have been used in the NHS Board and Scotland results.

These results summarise feedback from patients about whether they were able to see or speak to someone at their GP practice fairly quickly (within 2 working days / 48 hours) and about whether they were able to book appointments in advance.

The main findings are:

  • 94.3 per cent of patients in Scotland were able to obtain 48-hour access compared to 94.5 per cent last year.
  • 85.2 per cent of patients in Scotland were able to obtain advance access compared to 84.5 last year.
Results for individual GP practices

Results for individual GP practices can be accessed here: GP access Survey 2010/11 - Practice Level Results.

This table shows more detailed information on the responses received for each practice, including response rates, number and percentage of positive responses on ability to gain each type of access, and additionally the numbers of patients who did not attempt to access GP services in each way.

Scotland Performs NHS Scotland Heat Targets: 48-hour GP access and advance booking

Weighted results are calculated by weighting each GP Practice result (proportion of patients who obtained 48 hour /advance access) by the relative practice size. The weight is calculated as the practice patient list size (of patients eligible for survey) as a proportion of the entire NHS Board patient list size (of patients eligible for survey). Weighting the results in this way provides results more representative of the population at NHS Board level.

Results from previous surveys

Results from the 2008/09 survey are available here: 2008/09 GP Access Results

Results from the 2009/10 survey are available here: 2009/10 GP Access Results

For more information about the survey, including a copy of the questionnaire, please go to:

GP Access Survey Page