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Data Linking - Projects in other countries

Listed below are some examples of other current data linking projects, that link administrative data sets for the purpose of research and statistics.

Data linking - Australia

NSW Centre for Health record Linkage - this was established in 2006 to create and maintain a record linkage system for health and human services in NSW and the ACT (Australian Capital Territory). This uses probabilistic record linking techniques to enable research, planning and evaluation for populations within the covered area. Link to website - NSW Centre for Health record Linkage

SA·NT DataLink - established in 2009 and provides a high quality data linkage service to support research, policy development, service planning and evaluation. Link to website - SA·NT DataLink

Western Australian Data Linkage System - this is a multi-set system which links health and welfare related data. It uses computerised probabilistic matching and clerical review to create a master linkage key between the records. Link to website - Western Australian Data Linkage System

Data linking - Canada

British Columbia Linked Health Database - this was established in 1996 and covers datasets on the medical services plan, PharmaCare, hospital separations, continuing care, birth registrations, death registrations, mental heal episodes records, workers compensation board and the British Columbia Cancer agency cancer incidence file. Link to website - British Columbia Linked Health Database

Manitoba Centre for Health Policy - established over 20 years age this is a research unit in the Department of Community Health Sciences in the University of Manitoba's Faculty of Medicine, is internationally renowned for its use of administrative data in health research and its expertise in knowledge translation. Manitoba Centre holds data based on the entire population of Manitoba, which allows research scientists to study health services, population and public health, and the social determinants of health. Link to website - Manitoba Centre for Health Policy

Data linking - USA

Rochester Epidemiology Project - this contains medical records since 1935 on all residents of Olmsted County, Minnesota in a single research database. Records are tracked using a computerised bar coding system. Link to website - Rochester Epidemiology Project

Data linking - UK

Work & Pensions Longitudinal Study (WPLS) - linked benefit data from the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) and employment data from Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs (HMRC). Established in 2004 to provide statistics, but is also used for a limited number of operational purposes (investigation of fraud). Link to website - Work & Pensions Longitudinal Study (WPLS)