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This section provides Environment statistics for Scotland together with commentary, metadata and links to sources of additional information. The Scottish Government collects few statistics on the environment, but does collate and publish statistics from various other sources.

Key Scottish Environment Statistics 2014 - the report has an associated Excel workbook with tables and charts.

Scottish Greenhouse Gas Emissions 2012 – provides the first release of Scottish greenhouse gas emissions statistics for 2012.   Scottish Greenhouse Gas Emissions 2012. Key Revisions Since 2008 documents the key revisions to the Scottish Greenhouse Gas Emissions statistics publications over the last five releases.

Scotland's Carbon Footprint 1998-2012 - Scottish greenhouse gas emissions on a consumption basis

Scottish Environment Statistics Online – online database – includes updates not included in the annual publications.

Scottish Environment News - provides updates to the work of the environment statistics branch and links to wider data releases and publications.

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Greenhouse Gas Emissions

In 2012, Scottish emissions of the basket of six greenhouse gases are estimated to be 52.9 million tonnes carbon dioxide equivalent (MtCO2e).  This is 0.8 per cent higher than the 2011 figure of 52.5 MtCO2e, a 0.4 MtCO2e increase.  Between 1990 and 2012, there was a 29.9 per cent reduction in estimated emissions.  The main contributors to this reduction have been a fall in energy supply emissions (such as in the production of electricity) and emissions from business and industrial processes.


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Publicationsa list of all our environment statistics publications.

Datasets - details of how to access environment datasets.

Consultation - ScotStatconsultation on environment statistics.

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Uses Of Statistics - results of a user survey as to how our publications are used.

Data Sources and Suitability - information on data sources withing Scottish Government and externally.

Data Being Developed - experimental statistics on Scottish consumption-based emissions.

Environment News - information on the latest environment statistics.