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Scotland's Global Connections 2013

26th January 2015

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Scottish Export Statistics - Global Connections Survey

The Global Connections Survey is an annual survey of businesses in Scotland collecting information on exports and international connections of companies in Scotland.  This survey covers all sectors of the Scottish economy.

Data have been collected annually since 2002.

Within these pages you can:

The most recent results should be treated as provisional and may be subject to future revision.


Collection of Global Connections Survey 2014 Information

The data for the Global Connections Survey 2014 will be collected from mid May 2015 until the end of July.

More information can be found on the following page

GCS Electronic Return


Has your business received a Global Connections Survey Form?

If your business has received a Global Connections Survey form and you have a question or require assistance or advice to complete your form we are more than happy to assist you.

Please use the contact details provided below:


Telephone     0300 244 1320



The Scottish Government would like to extend its thanks to all of the companies that have taken the time to respond to the survey and to all those who have been involved in the survey for their help and advice, and in particular Scottish Development International who part fund the survey.  All responses to this survey are valuable and ensure the overall quality of our publications and findings



The results of GCS 2014 will be published in January 2016.




We welcome comments or feedback on this publication, questionnaire or any aspect of this survey at any time.  Please use the contact details shown above to contact us.

2012 User Consultation

A more formal consultation to seek users' views on outputs from the Global Connections Survey was circulated between 19 September 2012 and 26 October 2012.  The results are summarised in the document shown below:

Report on the Responses to the GCS Outputs Consultation