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Stakeholder Consultation – Police Recorded Crime Statistics - 2015

At the time of this consultation in 2015, Justice Analytical Services published seven annual statistical bulletins based on data returns provided by the police in Scotland.

  • Domestic Abuse Recorded by the Police in Scotland
  • Drug Seizures Recorded by the Police in Scotland
  • Firearm Certificate Statistics, Scotland
  • Homicide in Scotland
  • Racist Incidents Recorded by the Police in Scotland
  • Recorded Crimes and Offences Involving Firearms, Scotland
  • Recorded Crime in Scotland

The Police and Fire Reform (Scotland) Act 2012 changed the policing landscape in Scotland, replacing the previous eight police forces, the Scottish Police Services Authority and the Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency from 1 April 2013. The Police Service of Scotland is now responsible for operational policing in Scotland and is held to account by the Scottish Police Authority. The Police Service of Scotland will hereafter be referred to as Police Scotland.

Stakeholder Consultation - Recorded Crime in Scotland – 2014: Given the establishment of Police Scotland in 2013, and the implementation of more centralised systems for recording crime data, we felt this was an ideal opportunity for us to reflect on how we report on police data. To help guide decisions on how to improve the publication of police recorded crime data, we conducted a user consultation during April to May 2014 – the results of which can be accessed here.

Stakeholder Consultation - Police Recorded Crime Statistics – 2015: More recently we followed this exercise up with a more in-depth and detailed consultation of our users and stakeholders, to further improve our understanding of their views and needs. We took an innovative approach to this second consultation, using a range of different methodologies (including interviews and social media outlets) to ensure it was as inclusive as possible. The consultation was open from the 14th April 2015 until 19th June 2015 and a report on the results can be accessed here.

We will reflect on the findings of this report in the production of the 2014/15 bulletin on Police Recorded Crime in Scotland, due for publication on the 8th September 2015.

UPDATE – Actions taken following the 2015 Stakeholder Consultation: An update on the actions taken to date as a result of the needs identified and proposals made during the Stakeholder Consultation on Police Recorded Crime Statistics, 2015.