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Stakeholder Consultation - Criminal Appeals

1. Initial consultation of user views

1.1 A consultation of user views of the "Criminal Appeal Statistics, Scotland" publication was undertaken in May 2009. The findings from that consultation exercise have been compiled and are available on the Scottish Government website. The key findings from the exercise are as follows:

· Thirteen individuals responded to the on line survey, which was issued to over 230 potential users. Six of the respondents identified themselves as users of the Appeal Statistics publication.

· Within this total, the Scottish Court Service were identified as a key user of the publication. The Scottish Court Service are also the data suppliers for this statistical output.

· The online version of the 2007/08 Criminal Appeal Statistics publication was accessed 337 times within the first seven months of publication. For comparison, the 2007/08 Criminal Proceedings bulletin was accessed 2,358 times within the first 7 months of publication.

2. Consultation on future of the publication

2.1 Consequently, and given the need to focus resources on those publications which deliver the most value to users, in September and October 2010 the Scottish Government consulted users on options for the future of the publication, with the main proposal being its discontinuation.

2.2 Despite being issued to over 270 potential users, the consultation received only two responses, further highlighting the lack of demand for this output. Both respondents agreed with the proposal to discontinue the publication.

3. Conclusion

3.1 As a result of this clear lack of demand, it has been agreed to discontinue the Criminal Appeals Statistics publication.