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SCJS Future Reporting

The SCJS team have been taking forward work to consider how best to make use of the flexibility offered by the now annual SCJS to meet user needs whilst also ensuring that our reporting is prioritised in the right areas to derive maximum public value from the survey, whilst maintaining the quality and trustworthiness of the statistics.

This paper summarises the process used to identify and consider a range of future reporting options for the SCJS, before presenting the proposal which, on balance, is considered to maximise public value from the SCJS.

Gathering user feedback

We recently consulted users on our reporting proposals set out in the above paper. A feedback paper was published to gather views from SCJS users and we also held an event for users to get together and discuss the proposals on 9th August 2017.

Summary of user consultation

We would like to express our appreciation for users who took the time to provide comments on the reporting consultation. Your input is crucial for ensuring that we develop outputs which meet user needs and therefore enhance the public value derived from the survey.

We have now compiled a summary of the feedback provided by users. The paper also outlines how the SCJS team intend to respond to the comments and suggestions received.

Overall, user feedback highlights that the general approach proposed by the SCJS team is an appropriate one which should meet the needs of many users. However, users did raise a number of queries and suggestions which have helped to refine our thinking as we prepare to develop the first outputs using the new reporting design.

The first set of results from the 2016/17 SCJS, using the updated reporting approach, are expected to be released in early 2018. We expect to confirm a more specific date soon.