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2018/19 Questionnaire Review

Progress update

We are currently preparing the SCJS questionnaire ahead of the 2018/19 sweep, commencing in April 2018. As in previous years, this includes ensuring the existing survey content remains relevant, up to date and meets user needs.

We recently sought feedback from our users on the proposals detailed below and are currently collating responses. We will provide an update shortly.

SCJS questionnaire development for 2018/19 and in future

Although the SCJS questionnaire is currently at capacity, we are seeing increasing demands from stakeholders for evidence on issues not currently covered by the survey (such as cyber-crime).

Therefore, we consider that there is an opportunity to use the survey more flexibly in order to better meet user needs. This can be achieved by beginning to rest and rotate survey content where it can be justified analytically or due to reduced demand/priority amongst users. Alongside this we will work with stakeholders to develop new content on other priority or emerging issues to fill any space arising. This may include the re-development/reinstating of topics rested now or in future years.

Developments in 2018/19 SCJS

We propose to begin to implement the approach of resting/rotating questions as part of the 2018/19 questionnaire review. Based on previous feedback, we are working  with key stakeholders to develop questions on cyber-crime/online behaviours for the 2018/19 SCJS. This will likely not provide estimates about the extent of cyber-crime or victimisation, but can begin to build up additional evidence in this area whilst the Office for National Statistics continues its development work on fraud and computer misuse.

In order to create space for these questions we are proposing to rest the existing sections on workplace abuse, fake and smuggled goods and the self-completion section on drug use. More information on the rationale for these proposals are provided in the following document here.

We propose to rest these questions for at least two survey sweeps (i.e. 2018/19 and 2019/20 SCJS), but it will be important to keep priorities under review to inform decisions about future content.

Future plans and Next steps

Over the next few months we will also continue our on-going engagement with stakeholders to identify areas of the questionnaire or topics not currently covered which may be candidates for more detailed development work and inclusion in future to inform our work plan for the next year or so around developing questionnaire content.

Although the feedback period for the 2018/19 questionnaire has now closed, we welcome your continued engagement on on-going survey development work so please do continue to provide feedback and let us know what you think about the SCJS. Please email us at: scjs@gov.scot.